ArtbyBex fan, Gavin Lake, is a repeat client of mine and a keen train spotter as well as a proud XR3i owner.

You can read the review of his XR3i Painted Sketch here:

Gavin was so impressed with his Painted Sketch, that he couldn’t help but order a Personal Commission Painting.

His bespoke commission painting is of a Diesel Western Class D1065, storming out of Clerk tunnel at Horse Cove, near Holcombe. Vivid acrylic paints were used for the realistic interpretation of the scene as well as three dimensional paint work to give a textured effect for the cliff rock face. Being a professional photographer, Gavin provided his own photographs for me to work off and is a perfectionist for detail, just as I am.

At first sight of the completed painting, Gavin was amazed!!! “wow flippin Nora!” was the response of his artistic daughter.

Gavin and I communicated from day 1 and throughout the paintings creation. When the finishing touches were being made to the painting, Gavin chose the option of having wrapped edges to his painting. This option allows the painting to continue around the edges of the canvas elongating the view from all angles.

When the painting was presented to Gavin, he also received a personal plaque to hang beside his painting and a card describing the attention to detail that was involved within the making of the painting. The original sketched design that was chosen as inspiration of the work was also handed to Gavin. train-painting-completion